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central warehouse for cosmetic products

Online beauty pure player flaconi has just set up an impressive new logistics centre, spanning 28,000 square metres and boasting storage capacity for 85,000 products. This state-of-the-art facility by SCHULTE allows the retailer to achieve an impressive processing capacity of up to 167,000 orders per day.

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Practical two-storey system for tyres

The owner-managed automotive dealership Stegelmann has succeeded in accommodating 5,000 sets of wheels in a space measuring 5.5 metres high, 50 metres long and 18.8 metres wide. With the help of an innovative two-storey shelving system, the company is ideally placed to handle seasonal surges in demand with ease.

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Explore the diversity and flexibility of SCHULTE’s project highlights, ranging from a state-of-the-art hub for cosmetics through to specialised storage facilities for automotive accessories, bicycles and clothing. By integrating innovative, flexible and modular shelving systems into every storage solution, SCHULTE ensures that the most diverse industry requirements are met precisely, without resorting to standardised solutions.