Where do
tyres go?

We shelf it right.

Automotive retailer Stegelmann upgrades its tyre warehouse

The owner-managed automotive dealership Stegelmann succeeded in accommodating 5,000 sets of wheels in a space measuring 5.5 metres high, 50 metres long and 18.8 metres wide with a two-storey system. What’s more, the 2.70-metre height of the shelves means all tyres are within easy reach, allowing the seasonal demand and all associated processes to be optimally modelled from a practical and economic perspective.

Warehoused goods

Storage solution

Warehoused goods
Tyres and wheels

Shelving solution
2-storey tyre shelving system

Stegelmann car dealership, location


Order scope
Consultation, planning, delivery, assembly

Installation of a new warehouse with a two-storey tyre shelving system


Consultation, planning and assembly

Project details

  • Around 400 wheel racks for careful storage of around 5,000 sets of wheels in various dimensions
  • Racks ranging from 1,050 to 1,200 mm wide and 5,200 mm high with 150 kg tyre supports
  • Integrated shelf lift for safe transport of the wheels to the upper level

Notable features
Special tyre supports for careful storage


Product highlights 
for the 
automotive industry

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The solution

Optimum use of the storage space

Project description
The centrepiece of the facility comprises three shelves, each with four rows. Along the hall wall, two shelves with two rows and one shelf with a single row are positioned to maximise the full width of the space. 

Sets are stored on the four-row shelves in consecutive pairs, while on the double-row shelves, each set is positioned side by side. When all shelves are filled, the 80 cm aisle width is more than adequate for transporting the wheels using the transport cart.


Transverse aisles ensure efficient access, and multiple sets of tyres can be transported to the upper floor by means of stairs and a hydraulic lift. 

The exceptionally flexible storage facility is based on a plug-in system that has been specially tailored for tyre storage.

Four different shelf widths accommodate all tyre sizes to ensure a high level of adaptability,

and height adjustments can be made in seamless 25 mm increments – even during operations. The shelf levels are designed to support a load of 150 kg, allowing storage of tyres with rims.


Notable system highlight:
The supports that bear the weight for over six months are adapted in shape to the stored goods in order to protect the wheels.


Customer benefits

Efficient handling of the high workload during the seasonal peak periods