Automotive shelving

for warehouses, workshops and garages 

Automotive parts come in all shapes and sizes. Our special shelving and installation kits for automotive parts storage do too. 


Whether your automotive parts are bulky or fragile, packaged or loose, they are in good hands with specialised, ISO-standardised automotive shelving from SCHULTE.

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Storage that protects tyres
Specially moulded tyre crosspieces provide optimum storage for tyres, wheels and rims and keep them protected. 

Rounded wide-span support rails
The large-bay tyre shelves provide storage on rounded support rails with spans of up to 2,500 mm.

Facts and figures

Width   900 / 1,000 / 1,050 / 1,150 / 1,200 / 1,200 / 1,300 / 1,500
Thickness2,000 to 7,500 
 * Dimensions in mm
  • Storage that protects tyres with optimised crosspieces or rounded wide-span support rails
  • Shelves for storing small, medium-sized and large parts
  • All automotive shelving has perforations in increments of 25 mm
  • Can be combined with the entire plug-in connector system
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Special automotive shelving sets
  • Can be adapted to suit many different sizes of wheels, tyres and rims
  • Quick and easy to set up thanks to the simple push-fit installation of the various levels