Z1 wide-span shelving

For shelf loads of up to 776 kg

Z1 wide-span shelving from SCHULTE can hold up to 776 kg per level, making it particularly suitable for storing heavy goods.


Assembly of this wide-span shelving is quick and easy, as it is fully based on our plug-in connector system.

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Shelf bay for
maximum storage space

Can be loaded
by hand from both sides

Supports and beams as reinforcement
Supports and beams for spanning large widths are used to reinforce the shelving.

Steel panels or chipboard
All Z1 shelving units can be equipped with shelves made of steel panels or chipboard, depending on the application and required load.

Angle profiles with keyhole slots
Particularly easy to assemble as a starter bay. Multiple starter bays are mounted to one another using Z1 connectors.

Facts and figures

Width   1,536 / 1,841 / 2,146 / 2,450
Thickness1,981 / 2,438 / 3,048  
Depth469 / 621 / 773  / 926
 * Dimensions in mm